Into The Night

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Today was one of those days that was not too hot and humid but of course the wind was cool! So my boyfriend and I decided to jump in the apartment pool outside! Not only did we not sunburn (for once!) but we actually had to get out of the pool because we were cold. I'm in the mood to celebrate a new job (getting out of this miserable one) and of course a gorgeous turn around on my life. To new starts! Cheers! ;) Then of course I checked my new round of Suicide Dollz blogger stuff and saw that there we more summer things to blog! So it fit quite well. Today I have a couple items from Suicide Dollz! My readers can run down to the new round for some great new things for the next two weeks! Happy Shopping!♥

Ears: Cinnaears Purple by K-Pie Designs

Hair: Gail by {Limerence}

Head: Catya by Catwa

Eyeshadow: Eyeshadows Judging You by [Leluck]

Lolli: Lollipop Gift by Catwa

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Arm Chains: Raksha Arm Chain by Zaara

Nails: Elektra Nails & Rings by **RE**

Tattoo: Lollipop Gacha Tattoo by THIS IS WRONG @ Suicide Dollz

Suit: Lollipop Bikini RARE by THIS IS WRONG @ Suicide Dollz

Belly Button: Dolphin Belly Button Piercing by *PKC* @ Suicide Dollz

Floatie: Turtle Ring by {ACD}

Dog & Towel: Beach Towel RARE by Jian

Pool: Tropical Pool Pink by Astralia

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