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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Soo I had a hard day, but I'm glad to be home. Trying to find silver linings sometimes just doesn't happen for me. Anyways, I have a special post for my readers today. I went completely goth and I of course enlisted the help of Suicide Dollz & Deadly Nightshade! First and foremost the eyes & Dress that I am wearing are exclusively at the Suicide Dollz event! Get them while you can! The new round is about to begin. Then I have two items from Deadly Nightshade. First is the Hairpin that you can see is a butterfly! This hairpin has the ability to disperse other little butterflies around you as well! So it's not just gothy, but cute! This item is a hunt item that my readers can snag exclusively at the Midsummer's Enchantment! Last but not least is the orb that I am holding. I have this strange liking to this orb that Deadly Nightshade made awhile ago.. but my readers can snag this at the main store of Deadly Nightshade! Happy Gothy Days! ♥

Hair Pin: Beatrice's Hairpin by Deadly Nightshade @ Midsummer's Enchantment

Hair: Bree by Limerence

Eyes: Pure Demon FP by ::Zoe:: @ Suicide Dollz

Nose Piercing: Shine Piercings by Pervette

Lip Piercing: Elonore by Code 5

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Tattoo: Hangar 67 by Identity

Ball: Graviton Orb Cyan by Deadly Nightshade

Earrings: Taeyeon Earrings by Random.matter

Nails: Elektra Nails & Rings by **RE**

Dress: Witchy Outfit by [WitchCraft] @ Suicide Dollz

Pose: Hella Cute 1 by FoxCity

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