Sunday, June 03, 2018

It was all too fitting that for my DND Sunday, that I had to make this post which I have been trying to put together for the longest time! I saw the makeup that was at Suicide Dollz and then I saw that at other events such as the one Deadly Nightshade is at (The Darkness Chamber) the Alice in Wonderland theme fit perfectly! So as I have killed two dragons and slain one all by myself.. I leave my readers with this picture of sadistic Alice in Wonderland theme! My readers can snag the face makeup at the last day of Suicide Dollz and my readers can choose the scepters from Deadly Nightshade (there are three other versions) exclusively at the Darkness Chamber Event! Also, the red specs are also from Deadly Nightshade from the same event, just a different item! Then of course I have a cameo from Pervette! Tally ho! ♥

Crown: Celeste Crown Red by Birdy

Hair: Gail by {Limerence}

Makeup: Smile Makeup by THIS IS WRONG @ Suicide Dollz

Head: Catya by Catwa

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Dress: Wonderland Dress by Pixicat

Wristlet: Alohomora Rings by Astralia

Bandages: Bloody Bandage by Astralia

Staff: Wonderland Heart Scepter by Deadly Nightshade @ The Darkness Chamber

Particles: Shattered Particle by Deadly Nightshade @ The Darkness Chamber

Spinning Cards: Go Ask Alice Spinning Cards by Dead Dollz

Garter: Luxury Cross by Pervette

Pose: What Gives 4 by FoxCity

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