No Tears Left To Cry

Monday, April 23, 2018

Not gonna lie, this is a pretty odd post. I put two things that normally wouldn't go with each other and married them! Lol. Yeah I'm odd like that. Not having the best day in the world but I can't say I'm having the worst either. Relationships are confusing with each and every new variable that comes into play, all I can do is try to figure them out and solve the equation the best I can. We all know how 'good' I am at my math skills... Anyways, today I have the new round of Suicide Dollz to present to my readers! Even as I am typing this I keep getting new stuff from the new round so expect more to come! This is just what I had on hand at the time. Then of course the shopping cart that I am borrowing is a pose from Something New exclusively at the Pose Fair! This is a two person pose/prop but I wanted to make it just a singles one for now. Happy Shopping ♥

Hair: Polly by Truth

Head: Catya by Catwa

Eyes: Eye Twilight Collection by BLOOM @ Suicide Dollz

Makeup: Smokey Eyes by [Leluck] @ Suicide Dollz

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Tattoo: Hangar 67 by Identity

Dress: Liza Body by #Cranked# @ Suicide Dollz

Shoes: Barb Shoes by CULT

Pose: Rolling Down The Aisles by Something New @ Pose Fair

Background: Backdrop Stairway by #Cranked# @ Suicide Dollz

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