Winter Wonderland

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

As the holidays come closer, I become more stressed. My job is more hectic, I have many more things on my to-do list, and of course I am finding less time to just relax and tell myself 'good job'. Sometimes the holidays for some people aren't cheerful and full of joy... sometimes it's a reminder of the people that aren't in our lives anymore or the family that isn't as close. If you have a friend who has one of those issues in their lives, do what I do and smother them (in your own way of course) with love and make sure they aren't alone during the holidays. I also want to add that the holidays are about family and being together with people that care about you. NOT presents. With the job that I have I see people that have this twisted sense of morals regarding holidays. Sure, a gift might be nice but all that really matters is spending time with the ones you care about. Money or not. 

Today I have a sponsor pose for my readers which of course is from Something New! If y'all don't already know already... Ally is the best when it comes to Halloween and Christmas poses! Not only does she keep her old poses (which are great) but she always keeps adding to her list even though some places actually redo their poses and just keep recycling ideas (boring). My readers can snag this cute pose exclusively as a group gift at the main store of Something New! Just join the group for free and have opportunities to get some awesome poses each month! Happy Shopping ♥

Hair: Gail by Limerence

Head: Catya by Catwa

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Dress: Cha by Blueberry

Heels: Tropaeolum by Empire

Pose: Just One More Bauble by Something New

Deer: Winter Decor Lighted Deer by Dust Bunny

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