Dead Flowers

Saturday, December 30, 2017

I feel like the flowers in this vase
He just brought 'em home one day, "Ain't they beauitful?" he said
They been here in the kitchen and the waters turnin' gray
They're sittin' in the vase but not they're dead, dead flowers

He Ain't feelin' anythin' 
My love, my hurt or the sting of this rain
I'm drivin' through a hurricane
All he can say is, "Man ain't it such a nice day?"
Hey, hey, I guess we'll just go to waste
Like dead flowers

Even though I've been kind of sick lately, I have been enjoying cleaning up my room (yes I can be a clean freak before I go somewhere or on a trip... I just prefer to have a clean room when I come home). I am super excited for my cruise that is coming up and even though I will probably just be relaxing for a good five days, I will still enjoy myself. That and I enjoy history and enjoying experiencing new cultures. I might not have any sponsor items for my readers today, but I am just trying to have a fun post for today. I probably won't do a New Years resolution either because lets face it, no one ever sticks to that. So I am just going to live day by day and hope it works out... even though it is totally not how I operate. Happy Shopping ♥

Hair: Gail by Limerence

Head: Catya by Catwa

Eyeshadow: Smokey Eyeshadow & Lashes by Euphoric

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Nails: Elektra Nails & Rings by **RE**

Tattoo: Bomb Fire by Identity

Top & Bottom: Safia Set by OSMIA @ N21

Heels: Venus Platform Sandals by Gos @ Luxe Box

Pose: Hot 3 by FoxCity

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