Paint It, Black

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

There are moments where you just want to sit in front of the fireplace and just reflect on your life. In my case as of right now... I'm thinking about all the happy memories I have of singing Christmas songs and building snow forts/snow dogs/people. Those are the happy memories I always push to the surface this time of year when I start missing my father. It's been years since he died but with each passing year it gets easier and easier to get over the emotions. To be honest it is a little scary how much I am over the death of my father, but I guess as time goes on.. we do move on. 

On a less depressing note, I have a fun sponsor item for my readers! These candles that I am floating above me are from Deadly Nightshade! My readers can get this at the main store of Deadly Nightshade! This is a typer that has a voices that come with it! The owners worked very hard on it to get those incantations to pop up wonderfully! Now, I am using these candles as a mood lighting, but it comes with an animation when typing as well! Happy Shopping ♥

Candles: Candle Invocation by Deadly Nightshade

Bow: My Own Ribbon by Astralia

Hair: Scout by Truth

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Tattoo: Mystic Rose by Taox Tattoo

Top: Julia Bra & Top by KITJA

Bottom: Caro Laced Short by Delirium

Wristlet: Alohomora Rings by Astralia

Nails: Scarabeus by Formanails

Heels: Esme Boots by CandyDoll

Pose: Beach Bunny 3 by FoxCity

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