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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Between fall and spring, my favorite season has to be spring. Alas though, we are in fall right now! At least, where I am winter is fast approaching coming to make sure that all the soon to be dead things are blanketed in a cover of wonderful, luscious snow. I've missed having all four seasons and now I get to experience them again! I could go into how every season sets up the life and the death of the many creatures and plants on this earth, but I'll save you all some time from a Biology/Environmental Science lesson.

So I know my photos have been kind of dark lately, but I am trying to capture that fall mood. This picture that I have taken today though... I feel like has definitely done so. A friend of mine provided the chill music, so now I have the means to put two and two together. Today I don't have any sponsor items to show but I do have something that I ordered in early October to check out! Powder Pack! I know Powder Pack has been around for awhile now but I wanted to check it out and see if there were any brands that I really enjoyed. I also love switching from heavy makeup on the eyes to making the lips absolutely nude. It gives a totally fresher look and makes it seem more natural than just heavy makeup 24/7. By the way... I am now a HUGE The Face fan. Thank you Powder Pack! Happy Shopping <3

Hair: Jas by RunAway @ Shiny Shabby

Head: Catya by Catwa

Eyeshadow: Empire by The Face @ Powder Pack

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Collar: Inked Collar by **RE**

Nails: Scarabeus by Formanails

Rings: Luxy Rings by **RE**

Tattoo: Girl Boss by Speakeasy

Dress: Nova Romper Creme by Maitreya

Pose: Autumn 6 by FoxCity

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