Save Me From Myself

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It's not so easy loving me
It gets so complicated
All the things you've gotta be
Everything's changin'
But you're the truth
I'm amazed by all your patience
Everything I put you through

When I'm about to fall
Somehow you're always waitin'
With your open arms to catch me
You're gonna save me from myself
From myself, yes
You're gonna save me from myself

My love is tainted by your touch
'Cause some guys have shown me aces
But you've got that royal flush
I know it's crazy everyday
Well, tomorrow may be shaky
But you never turn away

Don't ask me why I'm cryin'
'Cause when I start to crumble
You know how to keep me smilin'
You always save me from myself
From myself, myself
You're gonna save me from myself

I know it's hard, it's hard
But you've broken all my walls
You've been my strength, so strong

And don't ask me why I love you
It's obvious your tenderness
Is what I need to make me
A better woman to myself
To myself, myself
You're gonna save me from myself

I felt more in a bluesy mood today, this song that I have put behind this post... is one that I can sing myself and still sound more than decent. I say this because I am used to singing at a more than decent level, unfortunately when I had my jaw surgery I had the slight percent chance that I would have a voice alteration. I had that voice alteration. It devastated me because at the time my life centered around singing and other types of musical instruments. You can imagine how my father and mother felt when this happened. I had to relearn how to sing and to be comfortable with myself again.

Today I have a few items from my sponsors for my readers today! First and foremost I have this arm chain that I have from Pervette! My readers can change and customize it in many different ways and decide which arm it goes on! My readers can pick this up exclusively at the 4 Mesh event! Next we have the pose that I am using which is the microphone that I am using from Something New! My readers can get this exclusively at the event with a Spoonful of Sugar! Which apparently makes with the Doctors Without Borders! Happy Shopping <3

Hair: Athena by Truth

Head: Catya by Catwa

Eyeshadow: Charade Shadow by Veechi

Lipstick: Velvet Creme Lipstick by Veechi

Earrings: Classic Pearls by Lazuri

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Arm Jewelry: Dream by Pervette @ 4 Mesh

Dress: BerryDoll by Blueberry

Nails: Elektra Nails & Rings by **RE**

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