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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Now that I am back home I am excited for some normalcy after a bunch of exciting things in Galveston. While going on a vacation is great for the soul... sunburns on the top of your hands isn't exactly what I'd call "fun". I now can experience how dry and cracked it feels every time I have to type something! Yay.... So today I decided to put a few things together that one would think wouldn't go together....but I like to take risks! Life isn't worth living without risks anyways. First and foremost the outfit that I am wearing is hot off the rack from Ducknipple which my readers can not only get the clothes from, but the shoes and jewelry from at their main store as well! Up next is the chair that I am lounging which of course comes from Gacha Good events (I have two of those from Gacha Good today so keep up!) and my readers can hit up the Z.O.E. vendor for three different types of lawn chairs to lounge in with animations and check out this cute board painting on the wall that I have up which is another vendor named Park Place! Then last but not least I have this little tiny cauldron that I am using to either cook myself something... or maybe I'm just feeling vicious today! My readers of course can tell that this is from Deadly Nightshade and this cauldron comes in many different sizes with cute little animations coming out! My readers can pick this up exclusively at the Suicide Dollz Event! Happy Shopping <3

Hair: Rival by #Foxy @ Kustom9

Head: Catya by Catwa

Eyeshadow: Sleuth Shadows by Veechi

Lipstick: Velvet Creme Lipstick by Veechi

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Outfit & Accessories: Outfit vs 14 by Ducknipple 

Nails: Elektra Nails & Rings by **RE**

Belly Ring: Dolce Belly Piercing by **RE**

Chair: Fun In The Sun Lounger 1 by Z.O.E. @ Gacha Good

Cauldron: Cauldron Itty Bitty by Deadly Nightshade @ Suicide Dollz

Wall Art: Driftwood Staggered Plank by Park Place @ Gacha Good

Pose: Beauty 3 by FoxCity

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