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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Good morning everyone! I am back from my trip and needless to say I can't sleep anymore so I had to make a new post <3 I enjoy blogging so much, but I was so sick of having to post from my horrible graphically crippled. I was very happy about coming home and blogging some more since the ideas for more posts keep rambling around in my head! So let's get to the sponsor bits of this post! First and foremost I have this bikini that I am wearing which is of course is hot off the racks from Petry Model! My readers can use this bikini in many different colors and can also find it exclusively in their main store and on their FB page! Then of course I have this tattoo and belly chain that I am wearing which of course is from Pervette that my readers can snag at the main store of Pervette! Last but not least I have the pose that I am using which of course is a really fun pose that is from Something New! My readers can get this pose from the TWE12VE event! My readers can get multiple poses from this gacha and enjoy them all! From singles to couples as well <3 Happy Shopping!

Hair: Ambriel by Truth

Head: Catya by Catwa

Eyeshadow: Charade Shadow by Veechi

Lipstick: Velvet Creme Lipstick by Veechi

Tattoo: Sweet Liberty by Pervette

Bikini: Bikini Y46 by Petry Model FB

Chain: Soft Belly Chains by Pervette

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Pose: Handstand 3 by Something New @ TWE12VE

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