Saturday, March 11, 2017

Having friends in your life is one of the many ways to cheer up a day I have found, that and I do enjoy the random Greedy games that come about. I love their company, their random arguments and of course additions to my home which make it feel more like a home than just a place that I live in that is empty (I love my Roost home, it is a mansion). Today I have some goodies from 1 Hundred to share! *Jumps excitedly because she has been waiting for these forever* *DISCLAIMER* The photo that I decided to take alters the color of the skirt I am wearing, 1 Hundred does a phenomenal job of color vibrancy which is why I provided the actual photo of the item down below for a better view* So my readers can pick up this sexy school girl outfit exclusively at the Whore Couture fair 2017! Next up is a brief mention of the truth hair that I am wearing which is the new monthly gift for March as well which I adore because I can take it apart and make it my own! Last but not least I have the pose that I am using which of course is from Something New which this is a male pose but I said screw it and gender bended it. That's a thing right? Lol. Anyways my readers can pick this up exclusively at the 2nd Level Event! Happy Shopping <3

Hair: Zoya by Truth

Head: Catya by Catwa

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Tattoo: 12 Drawings by Letis Tattoo

Outfit: Working Girl by 1 Hundred @ Whore Couture Fair 2017

Pose: Gangster Wheels by Something New @ 2nd Level Event

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