Thursday, November 03, 2016

I was kind of in a rut lately with blogging, I would find these photos of totally photoshopped blog posts that would either alter the avatar completely or the sponsored item. My two cents on this is, aesthetically, photoshopping can look incredible, but when it ruins what your avatar stands for in your blog (the avatar IS your brand for blogging, lets face it), that makes me evaluate the whole photo in a different, and negative way. Next up, if the sponsor item is altered in color, contrast, size, etc, that REALLY upsets me. That creates a whole different item and it just is deplorable that a blogger would do that to their sponsor. Anyways, the reason I bring this up is because I have switched to Catwa for my head and instead of the regular mesh heads that are out on the market right now, I have decided to go somewhat futuristic and use Catwa's Bento head! What is apparently special about Bento is that I can use the legacy tools to edit more of the face for customization and in the future Bento will make fantasy movements like a movie. So I am excited after buying my new L'etre skin as well! What sucks about Bento is that you can only have Second Life viewer to see it but unfortunately I have to look like a 'slug' (as my friend Striker would say) to others. Oh well. Now lets move on to sponsor items! First and foremost I have the hair that I am wearing from my new sponsor Ducknipple! What is great about Ducknipple is that they create hair, pants, tops, and dresses! That is a great amount of stuff from one company! The hair that I am wearing is from Ducknipple and is one of my favorites from the recent releases that is located in the main store of Ducknipple! Next up from my latest new sponsor 1 Hundred I have this sexy dress that not only makes a statement bluntly, but looks cute as well! My readers can get this look exclusively at the Haus of Swag! Last but not least this pose that is from Something New which is a new release at the main store of Something New! Happy Shopping <3 

Hair: Zeurpiet by Ducknipple

Head: Catya by Catwa

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Skin: Candy (Cotton Tone) by L'Etre

Outfit: Hot As Fukk Sweater Sienna by 1 Hundred @ Haus of Swag

Boots: Anaiya Boots by Reign. 

Pose: Take Me Shopping by Something New

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