Thursday, October 27, 2016

Today I am coming up on the fourth day of recovery, now I have a few rules when it comes to recovering from surgery.... well they are more like guidelines, but what the heck. First and foremost... have a pain and bathroom management strategy. There has to be someone there to help you get both things done for at least two days or maybe three depending how messed up you are. Second, Food. Needs to happen. But if my readers are like me, I have absolutely no energy what so ever to get up, make food (in my case right now blend food) and insert into mouth. Last but not least, glorious sleep. Let it happen. What ever needs to happen afterwards won't matter until you are lucid enough after your nap. Plus, the body needs the time from sleep to help you recover just a tad bit faster. Anyways, today's blog sponsor items are this wonderful suit which is from Legal Insanity that my readers can get exclusively at the Tres Chic Exclusive and last but not least I have Something New with this wonderful pose that I am using that is available at the main store of Something New! <3 Happy Shopping

Hair: Vertigo by Lamb.

Head: Chloe by Logo

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Heels: Xylobium by Empire

Pose: Her Final Stand by Something New

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