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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Welcome one and all to the unveiling of my new avatar! Well at least the face and some adjustments to my body, which make her look brand new. With the help of my SL mother Aiyana, sisters Saphy and Karhm.... It took me about 5 hours, but I eventually put together a brand new Rosy, who has curves, is no longer a twig and is ready to put herself out there! That and now I can use Omega which will make things a heck of a lot more easier. I just have to learn how to use appliers, and what appliers apply to what x.x Trust me... this is not an easy concept for someone who is used to one hud for everything. Alright so for today's sponsor item we have three different items but all are from Delirium! First and foremost we have these pumps and top hat which are exclusive item at the Suicide Dollz event which can only be found there, next we have the necklace I am wearing which is at the main store of Delirium so there is no time limit yet on those! Alright, now down to the fun parts... crediting! Which my readers will happy to note that my other sponsor Something New is participating in the SOS (Spoonful of Sugar) event where Second Life citizens can help a worthy cause and celebrate their donations by giving back to Médecins Sans Frontières. Personally, Something New has 100% of the sales for the pose that I am using today go to this cause, to help people that sometimes can't help themselves when disaster strikes. Go ahead and pop on by! I know I will. Happy Shopping <3 

(Left) Rosy:

Hat: Tuva Top Hat by Delirium @ Suicide Dollz

Hair: Azalea by Truth

Head: Chloe by LOGO

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Earrings: Dream Catcher Earrings by Astralia

Necklace: Quiet Moon Amulet by Delirium

Dress: Zoe T-Shirt Dress Gray by *Just BECAUSE*

Tattoo: Midnight in Paris II by [White~Widow]

Pumps: Obyri Shoes by Delirium @ Suicide Dollz

Pose: Bring it Girls by Something New @ SOS

(Right) Kharma:

Hair: Lily B by eXxEsS

Head: Alex by LOGO

Ears: Taper Ears B by [Mandala]

Eyes: Triumph Eyes Nymph by IKON

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Necklace: Quiet Moon Pendant by Delirium

Top: Lace Bustier Aqua by *Just BECAUSE*

Cheeks Piercing: Dimpled Cheeks Piercing by Zombie Suicide

Nails: Chic Macabre Nails by Gorgeous Dolls

Pants: Capris with Belt White by *Just BECAUSE*

Flip Flops: Kitten Platform Flipps by Delirium

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