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Monday, August 22, 2016

For this post today, I have the Luxe Box and the Arcanum as my primary focus. Special mention to Delirium for these pants which are available at the main store of Delirium! First and foremost I have this top from the Luxe Box which I love because in the back there are ties that hold it together which give it a sexy feeling. Last but not least I have some information about the Arcanum which sounds like a great shopping spree to be honest... If I had the Lindens that is! The place that I am located is at the Arcanum (one of my favorite places to take a picture) and there are a ton of shops to look at! Now, I am going to plummet my readers with a ton of information... so here goes nothing!

Photo Contest:

This time we've decided to do it a bit different! We have made a FLICKR group! This group is meant for people to submit their photos taken at our sim, so it's just not for contests!

THEME: There's no set theme! Just be creative!

DATES: Contest will run from the 15th to the 26th! However, submissions will only be accepted until the 24th, more on that below.


You will have to submit it to The Arcanum flickr group which you can find here:

To do this, you need to have a flickr account which is very easy, free and quick to make!


1) Upload your picture to your account as normal and add [CONTEST] to the title like such:􀀇 [PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO DO THIS]
2) Submit your picture to The Arcanum Flickr group:
3) And that's all you have to do!

Submissions will only be accepted until the 24th. This is to give time to The Arcanum Team and Affiliates to narrow down their favorites and pick the 3 winners!
We have got some very exciting prizes for you!
We have teamed up with Noctis, Mkbcult Weapons, Candle & Cauldrons and  ~*Souzou Eien*~ to offer you some great prizes!

Noctis: 􀀈
Mkbcult Weapons: 􀀅
Candle & Cauldrons: 􀀉
Dragon Magick Wares is offering a rug to all 3 winners! 􀀄
Souzou Eien has kindly offered store credit for their store!
  -1st Place gets L$1000 worth in store credit.
  -2nd Place gets L$500 worth in store credit.
  -3rd Place gets L$250 worth in store credit.

   -1st Place gets L$2000 worth in store credit.
   -2nd Place gets L$1000 worth in store credit.
   -3rd Place gets L$500 worth in store credit.

Anniversary Sale:

 The Arcanum currently has an anniversary sale with all items 25% off.  This is in world only so no discounts on the marketplace.

Multiple shops on sim have items out for a sidewalk sale, all of which are at least 25% off.  Noctis, Sn@tch, Souzou Eien, Dragon Magick Wares and MKBcult Weapons have set items out for you already.  If anyone else joins the sale, we will let you know!

This sale will last until Saturday August 27th so come on over and shop around from the shops below!

• Endless Pain
• HEXtraordinary
• The Ugly & Beautiful
• Noctis
• Amaranthus
• Candle and Cauldron
• Dragon Magick Wares
• Sn@tch
• Mkbcult Weapons
• Sozou Eien
• Stix
• The Stringer Mausoleum


Hair: Octavia by Truth

Head: Karin by LeLutka

Eyes: FATEeyes by Fateplay

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Top: August Tops by Blueberry

Necklace: Love Letter Necklace by :A:

Jeans: Maia Slim Jeans White Worn by Delirium

Pose: Carolina 1 by Verocity

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