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Friday, August 26, 2016

I am taking a black and white film class in RL and I have recently learned about composition and structures with definitive lines. I have purchased a Nikon N65, an apparently older camera but with a brand new lens. My instructor appernetely approves of my choice and I honestly can not wait until I get out there tomorrow for my assignment. Learning to manually do things on a camera is exciting, gives one control over how the picture turns out. Also, a piece of art. Unique to each individual. Besides my rambling... I have a couple of things for my readers today! First and foremost we have Delirium with a cute flower pin in the hair which is exclusively at Lost and Found Exclusives! What is great about this flower set is that my readers have the choice between six different types of settings for them to appear. Happy Shopping <3

Flower: Boho Hair Flower Deco by Delirium @ Lost and Found Exclusive

Hair: Davynn by Damselfly

Head: Karin by LeLutka

Eyes: FATEeyes by Fateplay

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Dress: Slip Dress by -tres blah- 

Sandals: Antheia Sandal by Maitreya

Pose: Gift (2) by Overflow Poses

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