True Colors

Sunday, May 08, 2016

All my life, 
One page at a time
I'll show you my - my true colors
No I won't apologize
For the fire in my eyes
Let me show you my - my true colors
It ain't your rainbow

A promise with a lie
Is broken by design
What I thought I knew
Has been swallowed by the truth
It's time to light the flame
Right before it rains
I'm not afraid. I'm not.

Something tells me I know nothing at all
I've escaped my capture
And I have no master
And somehow it's like I've waited...

I'd like to use this song to express my struggles with anxiety. Since I have come off of my heavy duty medications, I have been feeling better, but unfortunately  the anxiety has had a hold on me for years. I just need to control it. Somehow. So far I am trying doing stain glass coloring, physical exercise, and gardening (while singing of course). I'd like to overcome this 'demon' of mine. I just can't wait to discover who I really am. Wish me luck. Today I have some new goodies for my readers! First and foremost we have the Tarja set which is a new exclusive from Delirium that my readers can snag up with different types of colors for the top and bottoms of the jumper. My favorite part about this outfit has to be the 'kicks'. Not only do they give me a 'va-va-voom' look, but I feel confident in them. Next up we have Something New with another fun pose which is exclusively available as a group gift! I love this pose love the way Ally made this pose look just sassy, makes me feel confident too. Happy Shopping <3 

Hair: Josette by Truth

Head: Karin by LeLutka

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Necklace: The Catch my Starfish Necklace by .Olive.

Tattoo: Altair by Letis Tattoo

Outfit: Tarja by Delirium

Pose: Her Anytime Chair by Something New 

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