Tuesday, February 02, 2016

*screams* Oh my gosh its already February! What in the blazes?! I could have sworn that we JUST had Christmas... Oi vey. Besides confusing myself with the calendar, I have been on a short hiatus as of late, which I apologize sincerely. But on the bright side... I fixed part of my graphics card issues! Hooray! No more blurry messes that give me headaches. February is the month of love, hugs and of course candy! Now, I know not all my readers have that someone special, but there is always someone special in our lives, even if it isn't of a romantic nature. I used to use Valentines Day as a "I love everyone" day. That usually helped me with the 'oh that's right, I don't have a beau' feeling. Anyways! Today I have two special sponsor items just for my readers <3 First and foremost we have this cute love seat that my husband and I are sitting on which in fact is a POSE from Something New! My readers can look cute and pose for cute Valentines Day cards for friends and family by getting this pose at the Gacha Good Events! This is one of the many poses that comes in a gacha machine filled with different types and varieties of poses from Something New! I wish y'all some good gacha luck! Last but not least, I have Delirium with one of my favorite tops yet! I tend to wear these types of tops in my RL as well, because sometimes it gets too chilly with just a tank top underneath, and hey, a cover up is necessary! Shout out to Chrissy for the great making <3 My readers can pick this top up at the main store of Delirium and look all sexy and fashionable <3 Happy Shopping xoxo

Hair: The Countess by Exile

Head: Karin by LeLutka

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Top: Kianna Fringe Cardigan by Delirium

Pants: Lepore Navy by ColdLogic

Pose: Red Hearted Lover's by Something New @ Gacha Good Events

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