Sunday, August 23, 2015

Well I certainly asked for it.... I asked for more things to do and I got that... all too much I might add. I bet y'all have noticed that I have seemed to have disappeared as of late, well with school starting and my work filling in the gaps, I am really busy. And with college starting up as well tomorrow, I am trying to find pleasure in the little things now. Yikes... long list eh? Well luckily for my readers, I have simplified your shopping list down to these clothes that are a must have for the new season! First I have Delirium with the Shabby Baggy Pants! Not only do these pants come in different shades of jean, but they also have designs on them! So y'all can also be cute while matching with different patterns! These baggy pants can be found in the main store of Delirium! Then we have Legal Insanity with the Bettie Corset which can be found at the Vintage Fair! Then we have this pose by Something new which is part of the romantic set that is on sale at the main store of Something New! Not only is it sweet, but it's a good pose for hugging another friend as well! Last but not least we have these glasses which are made by K-Pie Designs which can only be found exclusively at the Shopping for Pie Marathon to help Kelpie afford her RL Pinoecytoma surgery.

Thank you all for the wonderful support y'all have given me over the years and the blog life! I don't know what I would do without y'all <3 xoxo

Hair: Karlie by Truth

Glasses: Claude Glasses by K-Pie Designs @ Shopping for Pie Marathon

Skin: Debra Apricot by Sugarush

Lipstick: <Light> Matte (red/teeth) by Pink Fuel

Top: Bettie Corset White Lace by Legal Insanity @ Vintage Fair

Pants: Shabby Baggy Roses by Delirium

Pose: Simply Yes by Something New

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