Night is Still Young

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Ever wanted to be a greek goddess? Or a elegant toga wearing woman? Of course my readers can definitely guess which one of my sponsors has come up with this beauty of an outfit! Lamu Fashion is at it again with another outfit which is exclusively at The Alchemy Event! My favorite part about this outfit has to be the texture of the dress, it makes me feel like I am actually part of a royal event! Great for role play come to think of it. Last but not least I have a pose from Something New that is exclusively available at the Black Dot Event! This pose is of course a proposal stance, but I took it for this blog post as a man bowing to his queen. You just never know what you could use poses for! Lots of events this month before everyone goes back to college/school! Make sure to catch them (pokemon reference) before they are gone! Happy Event Shopping! <3

Hair: The Chills by Moon

Crown: Flower in Chains Headband White by [LF]

Skin: Debra Apricot by Sugarush

Lipstick: China Glaze by Oceanes Body Design

Outfit & Adornments: Elwing White by Lamu Fashion @ The Alchemy Event

Hands: AvEhance Casual Female by Slink

Pose: My Love, My Life by Something New @ Black Dot Event

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