Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter (for those that celebrate it)! My wonderful fiance got me an Easter basket (never too old for those!) filled with candy that I love and other goodies such as a stuffed animal Peep! In celebration of Easter, I have a blog post filled with Easter things, and of course, an Easter pose! I will say that this pose from Something New, is great for those that are single but still want to take an Easter picture! Something New also has three more poses that are family related to Easter, which include even the tiny members of the family as well! As for the pose that I am using currently, my readers can snag this pose for Easter exclusively at the Quick Like a Bunny Cart Sale & Hunt! This Sale/hunt lasts from April 4th to the 18th. Next on the list of things Easter-ish is these adorable nails from K-Pie Designs! These nail designs come in many different cute things, fore example, I had a hard time choosing between this pattern, or the chick-lets. These nails are limited to 100 sales on K-Pie Designs marketplace! Get them while they last! Last but not least, another item from K-Pie Designs which is the Team Pie t-shirt! Since I am a close sister to my dear Kelpie, allow me to explain the meaning behind this shirt. Kelpie has an unwanted visitor named Claude (that's what she named him along with my kidney stone Gertrude) who is lodged in a precarious place in her brain. She recently found out that she has Pineocytoma. Kelpie is scheduled for surgery this June/July but her insurance refuses to pay a penny because it is an out of state surgery. Kelpie has set up a Gofundme page, and has an account on Second Life that is taking any donations to her cause. I can personally vouch for Kelpie's Gofundme and the donations. If you would like to talk to her about making a donation, or any other type of send off to Pineocytoma, please contact Kelpie Snowbear. These shirts are being sold on Marketplace and in her main store, and I believe they are going for 1L at the moment. Please pick up yours, and show your support for Pineocytoma! Last but not least I am wearing some cute Easter-ish heels and skirt from the Olala Event Round 3! Yes, it is back again with some more cute pastel colors to keep everyone happy for the month!

Hair: Lyma by TRUTH

Sunglasses: Envyme Female Glasses by TCF

Skin: Debra Apricot Tone 04 B by Sugarush

Lipstick: <Light> Matte (red/teeth) by Pink Fuel

T-Shirt: Team Pie Female Shirt 1L by K-Pie Designs

Nails: Happy Easter by K-Pie Designs

Hands: AvEnhance Casual Female by Slink

Skirt: Easter Ruffle Skirt by Kawaii Life @ Olala Event Round 3 April 1st - 20th

Feet: AvEnhance Feet Female High by Slink

Heels: Kory Platforms Gray 2.0 by Beautitude @ Olala Event Round 3 April 1st - 20th

Pose: Easter Bunny Bridge by Something New @ Quick Like a Bunny Cart Sale & Hunt

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