Tuesday, March 03, 2015

If this post wasn't at all ironic already, for those of my readers that know me well then they would know that I am am to be wed sometime next year. When Lamu Fashion sent me this outfit to pose for, I just about died laughing. Have to love the irony. I can't just pick my only favorite thing out of this outfit, so let me tell you all what I love about this wedding gown. First, the veil is so delicate just like a RL veil, for a prim veil I give this one 5 stars. Next, we have the tiara and jewelry that come with! I love these because not only does it make the veil look stylish, but it sets the hair that I am wearing as well. Next up we have the wonderful bouquet that I am holding, which ladies this bouquet can be changed! You can change it using seven other colors than the one I have on (my wedding in RL is Lilac based). All in all, I give this outfit 5 stars! Not only because I just love weddings right now, and I'm on a wedding craze, but because this outfit still makes prims look sexy! Good job Lamu <3

Hair: Delphine by TRUTH @ Uber

Skin: Ellie Apricot Tone 04 B by Sugarush

Hands: AvEnhance Casual Female by Slink

Entire Outfit: Gown Bridal Amore Mio Version 2 by Lamu Fashion

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  1. I'm MarionPhoebe from SL,, lols,, and you have now a new follower :)


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