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Friday, February 20, 2015

With much more sleep in my system, I am proud to say that I have collabed (a goal of mine for this year) again with Kelpie Snowbear of Pie on the Window (the sister blog)! We both decided that we didn't do this enough, plus we both had poses we wanted to use and show off our new hairs! There will be another post of us on Kelpie's blog as well, so my readers better check that out for even more goodies! The sponsors that are credited on me in this post are of course: Sugarush Skins and K-Pie Designs! Of course you can see my avatar wearing the favorite skin from Sugarush which is also the group gift for the month of February! Also, those shorts I just can't seem to be without! I am sad to say that they are no longer sold because of their age, but with maybe a bit of prodding it might come back eh? :) Just give Kelpie Snowbear a prod and tell her: "Bring back dem shorts!" Giggles. She might kill me for that sentence...Otherwise, I got this cute top and necklace from the Thrift Shop! Which is still going on until the 28th! Happy Shopping Readers! <3


Hair: Colleen by Damselfly

Skin: Alice Apricot 04 B Group Gift by Sugarush

Lipstick: Pink Lips by NS::

Necklace: Love Letter RoseGold RARE by .A. @ Thrift Shop Feb 28th

Top: Nautical Summer Top by NS:: @ Thrift Shop Feb 28th

Gloves: Brenty Lace Gloves Peach by HolliPocket @ Thrift Shop Feb 28th

Hands: AvEnhance Casual Female by Slink

Shorts: Upon a Time Mrs. Tide by K-Pie Designs

Feet: AvEnhance Feet Female High by Slink

Heels: Flirty Heels Vogue by Envious

Pose: Friends 75 by Focus Poses


Hair: Picabo by Damselfly @ We <3 Roleplay Feb 4th - 31st

Blue Eye: Lagoon! by The Cat's Mew

Pink Eye: Love Struck! by The Cat's Mew

Skin: Delilah Pure by .Birdy.

Shirt: Anna Tank Top Red by Sky

Jeans: Lana Ripped Jeans Light by Invader! @ The BLVD

Heels: Liza Stiletto by Sky

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