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Monday, December 01, 2014

I normally don't complain about traffic when it comes to holidays, but I feel as if the governor of Louisiana should make I-10 bigger... why am I saying this? Because I spent all of yesterday doing the stop and go game trying to get home with other Texans... UGH. Otherwise, I had a great Thanksgiving and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my boyfriends family. Plus I got to go to the zoo and see brown bears (they are HUGE!), reindeer, and foxes. Anyways! I have a ton of outfits for my readers for this Christmas season and of course, I will be sharing them with you! First sponsor item of the day is of course Lamu Fashion! I bring you this outfit that is sexy, alluring and of course the one color the ladies always appreciate! My favorite part about this outfit has to be of course the pumps! I love how they match up making your legs look alluring and sexy while you are somewhat covered head to toe. My next sponsor of course would be Something New! The pose I am using is called Lick My Cockiness. Because the tongue wouldn't rez in this sim, I decided to just 'go with it' and use the pose as a sarcastic 'Look at Me' look. My readers can go get this sassy tongue waggling pose at the Something New store! Happy Shopping! <3

Hair: Yumi by Spellbound

Lipstick: <Light> Shine (red) by Pink Fuel

Outfit: Beauty by Lamu Fashion

Hands: AvEnhance Casual Female by Slink

Feet: AvEnhance Feet Female High by Slink

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