Friday, December 19, 2014

I'm going to keep things short and sweet today. Today's post is a catalog form! Because I have a vacation coming up and I have been busy with medical issues, I decided to group up all the Lamu Fashion items and put them together as a catalog. The way I am going to format this today, is I will have all the items listed and explained in consecutive order and if anything changes (I.E. Makeup, Hair) then I will list it along with the outfit. My readers can find these outfits at the Lamu Fashion Mainstore! The song for today's post really touches a place in my heart that I don't get to feel very often. I hope that it also touches my readers hearts as well. I will be gone for the holidays tomorrow until exactly a week from now. I will be enjoying time with my mother and my side of the family which is huge! All in all, Christmas will be like it should, spending time with family, wishing some were there that can't be and of course, spending time with the ones that you don't see very often. Everyone have a happy and safe holiday, drive safe, drive defensive and of course keep your children and pets safe! <3 Happy Holidays!

1st: Dancer on Ice by Lamu Fashion

Hair: Skai by Truth

Lipstick: <Lt. Tones> Love by Pink Fuel

2nd: Happy Holiday by Lamu Fashion

Hair: Counting Stars by Exile

Lipstick: <Lt. Tones> Shine by Pink Fuel 

3rd: Elegant Dress Fur Coat by Lamu Fashion

Hair: Kana by Taketomi

Lipstick: <Lt. Tones> Love by Pink Fuel

Shoes: Fall Booties by Vero Modero

4th: Sexy Santa Claus by Lamu Fashion

Hair: Junia by Truth

Lipstick: <Lt. Tones> Shine by Pink Fuel

5th: Sweet December by Lamu Fashion

Hair: Writer Hair by Tableau Vivant

Lipstick: <Lt. Tones> Shine by Pink Fuel

6th: Christmas Funny by Lamu Fashion

Hair: Blown Away by Exile

Lipstick: <Lt. Tones> Shine by Pink Fuel

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