Thursday, September 04, 2014

This post is dedicated to my father,
RIP Dad 12/3/11

"Its that elm shade, red rust clay you grew up on
That plowed-up ground that your dad damned his luck on
That post-game party field you circle up on
And when it rains you get stuck on
Drift a cloud back behind country roads that you run up
The mud on her jeans that she peeled off and hung up
Her blue-eyed summertime smile looks so good that it hurts
Makes you wanna build a ten percent down white picket fence house on this dirt

You know you came from it and someday you'll return to it"

 When I first heard this song from Flordia Georgia Line, I thought that it was a tad bit cheesy, but then I really understood that I could relate to it. That memories of my dad would come up through every lyric, happy and sad. I know I am chugging on the 'feels' train today, sorry! But I wouldn't be me if I didn't explain the meaning behind my song. I'd like to say a special thank you to my good friend Toya Shelman! She gives me her extra gachas that she doesn't want, and they ALL rock! The hair I am wearing is one of those gachas that she didn't want from the Arcade! I absolutely love it! Gives this outfit a greek look. Today's sponsor is Legal Insanity! Legal Insanity's item is the wonderful headband/earrings that I am wearing! This item will be up at the first round of the Showroom! The headband comes in Black, Bronze, Gold, Pink, and Silver! Of course it wouldn't be 'Insanity' without being able to change the feathers! Yes! You can change the colors of the feathers to customize your look! Want them to pop out? You got it. Last but not least, I am wearing one of my favorite dresses from coldLogic! Classy, not skanky, coldLogic always hits home with designs to keep women sensibly covered and still look amazing! Happy Shopping! <3

Hair: Winter Hair - Braid by Tableau Vivant

Headband/Earrings: Ashanti Bijoux Gold by Legal Insanity @ The Showroom Event

Lipstick: Jades Lipstick Auburn by Oceanes Body Design

Hands: AvEnhance Casual Female by Slink

Dress: Lalonde Cream by coldLogic

Heels: Eva Slingback - Black Satin by Gos

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