Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Woo! Starting off today with a bang guys! My pilates workouts are paying off this early on and I have lost four pounds (this may not seem like much, but any weight loss is welcome to me)! I have been looking forward to workout with Blogilates trainer Cassey Ho (even though I can't do some of them properly yet, still have to try them), who makes working out seem like its just something we do for fun. Positive, upbeat, and full of music, she takes you on an adventure to a better body (the healthy way)! The song for today's post is from Cassey Ho's new brand line BodyPop. It fit my mood today, as well as the dress I am wearing from EF Design for the Hunger Games (sponsored by KV Dream Fashion)! Want to make a statement? Stand out in a crowd? This event is for you ladies then! The Opium Evolution Event (Hunger Games) will be open until August 31st, then KV Dream Fashion will have the dresses for you to shop as well! My favorite part of this outfit though is this hat! It is really hard to find quality accessories in Second Life, but Legal Insanity takes the cake! This floppy hat comes in multiple colors with detail available exclusively at the Summer Bash Fair! Make sure you get these items while they are hot ladies! The dog days of summer are here, and lets make them count! <3

Hat: Ely Floppy Hat Jute by Legal Insanity @ The Summer Bash Fair

Hair: Sacred by Lamb.

Lipstick: Jades Lipstick Hot Pink by Oceanes Body Design

Hands: AvEnhance Casual Female by Slink

Dress: BonBon by EF Design @ Opium Evolution Event: Hunger Games

Feet: AvEnhance Feet Female High by Slink

Pumps: Strappy Slippons by S U G A R * M A R M I T E

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