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Friday, July 04, 2014

For today's Fourth of July Blog Post is brought to you by the one, and the only Lamu Fashion! I know that I am not wearing anything patriotic, but who cares? Its the 4th! Celebrate Independence however you wish! I have an item from the Manga Fair on my cheek by the way! So make sure you check that out before it goes away! Also, Lamu Fashion has a BRAND NEW STORE! With new goodies such as GROUP GIFTS, HUNT,  and DISCOUNTS! Make sure you click the link below and get your bum over here! It is fabulous and fun, just what your wardrobe is looking for! Lily Allen is ruling my mind because of her new music viedo, which kind of reminded me of this outfit, so that's why it is here, but it is also funny as hell! I'm off to go party with my darling! Everyone have a good Independence day!

Hair: Lyma by TRUTH

Cheek: SillyBaking Cheeky BlueRaspberry by . Sweet Thing.

Lipstick: Pump Pump Lip Gloss - Barbie by Pink Acid

Mouthie: PINK Bridle by ...::: Scrub :::...

Tattoo: Pinup Tattoo by [ZENTRO]

Outfit, Earrings, Boots & Accesories: DISCO 80's by Lamu Fashion

Hands: AvEhance Casual Female by Slink

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