Some Beach

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Blake Shelton's Some Beach is running through my mind, as I am laying on this beach being harassed by new members. LOL. Some Beach was one of my father's favorite songs to sing and strum out on the guitar (he could play songs by ear perfectly) and I'd sing the harmony to whatever song he'd be singing as a kid. So this song represents just chilling and a couple of memories of my father and I. These couple of bikini's are being sold exclusively by MOoh! If you haven't gotten a chance to get your cute summer style mix ups, then here's your chance ladies! The Neon Bikini is at Feeb's Rascals St. Sales from July 7th - August 3rd! At Feeb's this item is 50% discounted! I have a link to this down below for you! The Rainbow Bikini is at The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair from July 1st - July 21st! At Naughty Nitch you can get this Rainbow Bikini for 30% off! Ladies, for two of these bikini's that you can mix and match... your getting them at a discounted price! There is NO reason NOT to shop! Hehe. Your welcome!

Hair: HAIR 19 by Eaters Coma

Lipstick: Pum Pum Lip Gloss - Barbie by Pink Acid

Neon Bikini in 1st Pic: Neon String Bikini by MOoH! @ Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room July 7th - Aug 3rd

Rainbow Bikini in 3rd Pic: Rainbow Bikini by MOoH! @ The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair July 1st - July 21st

Hand: AvEhance Casual Female by Slink

Feet: AvEhance Feet Female High by Slink

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