Trying Not to Love You

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Stitch the heart back together, time may heal, but you have to make effort to heal as well. Kind of deep for a fashion blog, but if you guys have been with me awhile, you know I am not the traditional fashion blogger. I like to intertwine some personal things with my clothing, to give it a reason for existing. This outfit has been sitting in my inventory for awhile, and of course I mixed it up with stuffs that I got :3 Sadly I have yet to get into the Arcade (the Arcade and I have a love/hate relationship), and claim all the rares! :P Where did I take this? I took this at the KV Summer Fashion Month sim! *squeals* yes it is OPEN! I will have a link below so that you can go and have at it! The song for this blog post? It is a song that I relate to an experience in my life that I still have issues getting over, and letting go of. I figured I would share the song for anyone who needed to hear that they aren't alone in that battle. I know not everyone likes Nickelback, but lately their songs have been kind of deep and meaningful, which makes every song much more better in my world.

Crown: InLove Headband by DirtyStories

Hair: Snowberry by +Spellbound+

Glasses: Heart Glasses by K-Pie Designs

Lipstick: Latex Lips - Pink by Tabou Irresistble

Tattoo: Eleanors Breathe by GoK

Hands: AvEhance Casual Female by Slink

Lacey Gloves: Lace Gloves by *PerveTTe*

Top: Rhythm Tanks - Black by Apple May Designs

Leggings: Rhythm Leggings by Apple May Designs

Wrap: Bound Dirty Sating Black Ribbons by Heartistic

Feet: AvEhance Feet Female Mid by Slink

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