She Keeps Me Warm

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hello Everyone! I would like to say first of all, that this post is kind of controversial. If you don't like this label/song, then don't even bother to read. I love this song, I love what it entails, and what it portrays. Otherwise, I LOVE coldlogic, if any of y'all haven't heard of this store before, it is a wonderful women's department that has total mesh, that is practical, sexy, and sleek. The place that I took this at was a place that has been on Secondlife for awhile. This place is called ChouCou, if you've never heard the station, I would recommend it because the music keeps you calm, and makes you relax. The sim that ChouChou is on, has a relax atmosphere and beach. I love to go here when I need to get away from others, which I would recommend to anyone else that needs a place like that on Second Life :) To the details!

Hair: Full of Secrets by Exile

Earrings: Pryamid Stud Pearl Onyx by Le Primitif

Lipstick: Jades Lipstick Auburn by Oceanes Body Design

Necklace: Tagged Necklace (Queen) by Cute Poison

Dress: Diaz Poppy by coldLogic

Hands: AvEhance Casual Female by Slink

Boots: Black Over The Knee Boots by *CD*

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