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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dare to be different! Or at least fashionably different! Today's outfit introduced to me to some daring things, the designer that made this outfit is extrodinary. I wouldn't be surprised if I hopped on the band wagon and got more stuff from this designer! Where did this outfit come from? Of course the KV Summer Fashion Month! Where unique clothes meet your unique wardrobe! Don't go wearing the same thing that everyone else is, why don't you just try on some of the KV stuff, and wow some of your friends at how good you can wear it? Shorts and short things may go out of style, but dresses never do ladies! The place that I took my pictures at was a place on Second Life that mimicked Oahu. It was very pretty and helped me relax before going to bed last night. I felt as if this dress should have been somewhere tropical, so that people would stare in awe of how you stand out, but still blend in with the scenery. The song for this post is one of the popular songs that is being heard on the radio today. I can relate to this song, because I never wanted to let go of a particular someone because I still loved him/her. Even though they could really press my buttons and make me angry in a snap. I hope you enjoy the song, the fashion and of course... the blog! ;)

Hair: HAIR 19 by Eaters Coma

Dress: Lemon of Sicily by Lamu @ The KV Summer Fashion Month

Hands: AvEhance Casual Female by Slink

Heels: Angel Sandals by Ana Style @ KV Summer Fashion Month

✿✿✿ KV Summer Fashion Month ✿✿✿

K.V. Dream Fashion Agency organizes the "KV Summer Fashion Month".
The event will take place from the 1st to the 30th of June.
In the frame of this big event we have 3 different events linked to each other:
1) Shopping Way: 60 discounted exclusive items
2) Prêt-à-portèr: 42 esclusive items
3) Haute Couture: 17 exclusive items

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