Oriental Butterflies

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Good morning everyone! Today is a day of new beginnings, and observation of the world around us! This outfit makes me think of how the environment gives back, the butterflies on my shoulder help me realize that life is a never ending journey from one point to the next. Today I am in touch with my ‘Outdoorsy’ self. Rain, Shine, Snow, Sleet, Thunder, Lightning, Storm, I enjoy all the elements. It is time to touch base with my ‘Outdoorsy’ self and relax, then I can find the inner peace within me! That is the story behind today’s outfit, I hope that y’all enjoy!

Hair: [01] Never by Magika
Glasses: Nerd Glasses Red ILU by Firebird Designs
Lipstick: Jades Lipstick Auburn by Oceanes Body Design
Dress: Allure Dress. Lime by 1 Hundred
Butterflies: VIP Members Gift [Butterfly Buddies 2!] by Epic
Purse: Panda Purse – Black w/Purple by Perch
Hands: AvEhance Female Casual by Slink
Bracelet: Wrapped Bracelet – Ruby Slippers by Intrepid
Heels: Ultima Hidden – Platform Pumps by Epic

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