Monday, May 12, 2014

Good evening everyone! Today is a day where I felt like shopping and mixing everything up! Plus, I decided to do a bit of inventory clean up, and sorted things that I haven't worn yet from Gachas, Fairs and whatnot in folders. This way, I can show you guys in a more easier fashion how much stuff that I have! I felt sassy, sexy, and just a touch of kawaii today :P Plus I dug out my Nicki Minaj pants LOL Why do you say that you might ask? Well it looks like my ass is HUGE.

Headdress: Angel Bow + Ring {RARE 1} by K-Pie Designs

Hair: Blind by Eliktra

Lipstick: Jades Lipstick Auburn by Oceanes Body Design

Tattoo: Neo3 Forbidden Planety by GoK

Top: Hateraid Top - Barbie by Hollipocket

Necklace: Tagged Necklace (Gamer) by Cute Poison

Hands: AvEhance Casual Female by Slink

Pants: HW BLK Leather Denim

Sneakers: ONE by Razor

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