Candy Anyone?

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Good morning everyone! Today is going to be sweet, with a side of happiness! Why? Might you ask… Because simply, I am not having the best day myself, and I have noticed some other people that could use some cheering up! The candies that I have in my hands were from the Cutie Pie Moon Fair. Or, rather, I call it the Sailor Moon Fair (might as well right?). As usual, I got a ton of stuff from there, and I stowed it away, for later blogging! Anyways, just an early notice, K-Pie Designs will be featured in the Funny Puppet Fair as well! I will have information below about that :) Onwards, towards candy, sugary happiness, and of course…. funsies :D
Crown: Goth Kid Gatcha – Flower Crown – Lolita by [-S-]
Hair: Lyma by Truth
Lipstick: Chibi Lip Peach by *(OO)* Yuki
Necklace: Goth Kid Gatcha – Cameo – Lolita by [-S-]
Top: Goth Kid Gatcha – Shirt – Lolita by [-S-]
Hands: AvEhance Female Casual by Slink
Skirt: Goth Kid Gatcha – Muertos Skirt – Lolita by [-S-]
Candy Tray: Sweet Moon Candy by Poche
Boots: Goth Kid Gatcha – Boot – Lolita RARE by [-S-]

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