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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Good evening everyone! As some of you might know... the Luck of the Irish Fair is in only so many hours!!! Aren't yall excited? I know I am! K-Pie Designs is going to be there of course! This will be the first time that K-Pie Designs has been in a major gacha event! So today is all about one of my favorite people on SL, because she has a great store, mesh that can fit ANY size, and of course, the touch of kawaii! Please go check out her new remolded store!  Guess what... YOUR GOING TO GET A SNEAK PEEK INTO THE K-PIE GACHA STUFF! teehee. Your WELCOME!

CinnaBow Ears - Rainbow RARE by K-Pie Designs

Angel - Bow+Ring {green} by K-Pie Designs

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