Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to The Rosy Side of Things! This will be my first fashion blog post ever! Let me tell you, I am excited! Since I am a official Group Gift Hoarder, I am starting to divulge in the store credit and other goodies that I am allowed! Today's journey begins with the outfit of Bitch Tail! I was feeling girly gothy today so I put this together at 5:25AM. Teehee fashion never waits!

Hair - Early (Mesh) by Magika

Lipstick - Terry Gloss Lips: China Glaze by Oceane Body Design

Necklace: Angel Wing Daughter Necklace by LacieCakes

Dress: Trust Issues (Mesh) by Bitch Tail

Nails: Amour ~Red~ by Bows N Butterflies

Heels: Paris Peeptoe - Black Patent by Gos Boutique

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