Thursday, January 09, 2014

Hello everyone! Today has been an incredibly busy day for me! I raided a couple of gacha machines, pulled out some cute clothes, and of course put my outfit of the day on! I love this shirt that I picked up from a hunt and picked a skirt that would fit under the mesh of the shirt from another outfit, which made this outfit even more adorkable! Every time I see a cute anime girl, I think of the Girl version of Numb - Linkin Park. Plus this shirt was a plus (wow that was redundant Rosy!!) because the cute girl has a ROSE! I'm a sucker for roses if you couldn't tell already :P

Gacha Item: Huggable Rudy - Snowflakepurp by Alterego

Hair: Fire To The Rain by Exile

Eye Shadow: VIP GIFTS Mothersday Exotic Make ups by Noya

Lipstick: Terry Glossy lips: China Glaze by Oceanes Body Design

Necklace: R Platinum/Gold Necklace by Milady's

Top: Vest Ladies_Bianca by KATHAARIAN

Nails: ~SwEeThEaRtZ *GIFT* by Bows N Butterflies

Skirt: Natent Outfit by FashionNatic

Leggings: Lace Leggings 1 by Outraged Designs

Heels: Ultima Hidden-Platform Pumps by Epic

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