If You Can Afford Me

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Welcome to today's Fashion Blog Post of awesomeness! Today I was feeling my girly side ( don't take that too pervertidly) and decided to find something to flaunt off my cute side, but yet deadly, never underestimate the quiet ones right!? Hehe, I'm bubbly today, sorries. Today's outfit is mostly FashionNatic, but I have a few differences in there! And of course I had my IPod on today and was listening to one of my favorite concocted playlists that I come up with. Katy Perry's If You Can Afford Me came on and I knew instantly this outfit fit the song! 

Hair: Group Gift 30 Nov 2013 by Truth

Lipstick: Jade Lipstick Bourgogne by Oceanes Body Design

FULL OUTFIT (excluding my wedding ring): Natent by FashionNatic

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