I Forgive You

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Waking up today, I feel punkish. Almost as if, I feel like moshing or going to a rock club and getting the pent up feelings out. I decided to put on some sassy looking wear, and go clubbing during my day! Little did I know the soundtrack to my day would result in some belting of Kelly Clarkson instead of rock! You just never know with music ^_^ I had fun putting this outfit together, making sure that each part shared some significance to my back history of rebelliousness.

Hair: Hair 19/ Funky Color by Eaters Coma

Lipstick: Jade Lipstick with a Message: Bite Me by Oceanes Body Design

Tattoo: 112. Rose Cross by Kanival

Top: Annmar Tank/Vest Rebel HUD by Delirium

Bottoms: Everything's Alright (Part of an Outfit) by K-Pie Designs

Boots: Uptown Over the Knee Mesh Boots Black by Hawker's House

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