I Don't Wanna Wake Up

Monday, January 20, 2014

Today is a classic look for a very hectic day! I was looking for a classy lounge look so that my friends and companions didn't think that I didn't give a shit today xD Today is the day for baggy shirts, really cute leggings and fringy boots! And of course, a day without music, just isn't a day! I had the cold popish old funky tune of Ivy Levan in my mind which inspired the outfit! Plus before I had gone to the Limited gacha/sale of clothes that was a big deal in SL! I was lucky even to get in! Haha, so I got a few things that I nabbed and will be blogging about in the future, I am wearing the necklace that I got from there though ^_^

Hair: Hair 22 / PLATINUM BLONDE by Eaters Coma

Lipstick: Jades Lipstick Bourgogne by Oceanes Body Design

Necklace: Winter is Coming Necklace House Martell by Thrift Town

Top: How It Is by Bitch Tail

Nails: ~RED/gold Snowflakes~ Promo by Bows N Butterflies

Leggings: Lace Leggings 3 by Outraged Designs

Boots: "Fringed 3 Tier" Knee Boots(Black) by !Drakke!

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